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New Construction

Starting from a clean slate is always the preferred method of building-  Taking the surroundings, grade of the construction site, nearby homes, and a general 'feel' for the area allows the design process to begin smoothly.  We encourage our clients to be an active part of the design process.  As the site begins to get prepped and the foundation of your new construction begins, our experience with concrete forming comes into view:  Your entire project rests on this solid foundation, and we take pride in our experience with foundations.

As a Parksville, Qualicum, Gulf Islands and Oceanside-area fine home builder, we have over 30 years of design and build experience, and our satisfied clients of new home construction will testify that when it comes to homebuilders on Vancouver Island, they couldn't be happier.  From commercial to residential-grade concrete forming projects to all of the details that go into fine homebuilding, World Construction hopes to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.


"All good design begins with a solid foundation."
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